EduCTF is an Educational Capture The Flag that introduces students to Computer Security

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What's this about?

EduCTF is a competition that's organized in various Universities and Academic Institutions around the world that aims to promote and educate students in Computer Information Security.

Although it is a competition by its nature, the primary focus is learning. For this reason, in the beggining of each event, there are several talks that help introduce students to the topics and give them knowledge that will be needed for the competition.

Finally, there's the much awaited event of the actual Capture the Flag competition. This is a team-based competition where every team must solve some challenges and gain points. Some challenges require searching, some require trial and error, some require clever thinking. This final part helps students not only learn about things, but also see them in practice.

A Brief History

We started EduCTF in the summer of 2016. Here's what we've done so far.


4th of July, 2016
Our first Capture the Flag competition was organized in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It was very successful and included topics and challenges from topics such as Web Applications, Cryptography, Binaries, and Code Review. A blog post can be found here.


27th of May, 2017
This is the second planned event for EduCTF and it will take place in AUTh. It is a much better organized event, with our own infrastructure, and a completely new set of challenges.


11th of May, 2018
EduCTF has been integrated as an assignment in CSD's HY457 course, and has been organized for all students taking the course.


11th of June, 2018
The first EduCTF outside of Greece, hosted by KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, Sweden, aimed at more advanced participants, and open to a larger audience.


13th of May, 2019
For a second year in a row, EduCTF is integrated as one of CSD's HY-457 course assignments. However, unlike last year, this time it is available to all students of CSD and they can come and join, competing with the class students as well.

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